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Drake Mods - Crystal Control

Authored by VE3EFJ


    Crystal control on the TR7 is independant of the programming matrix., The PTO tunes up and is offset 50 kHz, so finding the right crystal is f + 5.05 - f(MHz). To crystal control to 7.055 MHz, you'd order a crystal for 7.055 + 5.05 - 7 or 5.105 MHz. For bands that are on a .5 MHz boundary, you'd subtract an extra .5 to put the crystal within the 5 to 5.5 MHz range. The above crystal would put you on 3.555 MHz on 80 meters (3.5 + 5.105 - 5.05).

    Since crystal control is related to a specific band, you should program the AUX7 as documented above. This is not mandatory.

    I do not have specs on the crystal, but an educated guess would be HC/25U, 20 pf, series, fundamental.

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