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    Date: 08-Feb-96 18:18 EST From: Tim (deleted)

    Wayne, just read your article Drakemd3.zip. I am just coming back to Ham Radio after an absence of 30 years...gave it up when I went to college. I was talking to my old Ham chum and classmate of the 50's and he mentioned that he had an old Drake from the 70's that he would let me use when I get my license. Think he said it was a Drake 3B but i'll find out for sure tomorrow. Anyway, I was fascinated with your piece on the Drake's and I thought I would drop you a note of appreciation for you fine effort on everyone's behalf. I too have felt something lacking in the current breed of xcvr's when you actually try to sit in front of one for a few hours. My brother-in-law is a first time, enthusiastic, aboutto -be Novice ham who plunked down about 1200-1500 bucks for an assortment of Kenwood stuff including a TS450/AT. Scanning the bands with it left me wondering what was missing. Maybe it is the wide open spaces of 1958 sunspot peak etc but I suspect your opinion hits closer to the mark.

    Thanks for a great read.

    regards, Tim (deleted)

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