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Drake Mods - Making It Worthwhile

Authored by VE3EFJ


    Date: 19-Dec-96 16:38 EST


    Thanks a ton for putting together your latest DRAKEMOD5 file! I have a personal reason for reading it - back in 1976 when my Dad and I first got into this hobby, THE station at the time was the Drake "C" Line...I think he went into debt but a year later he had a set while I briefly left the hobby to pursue the usual teenage interests.

    Now, 20 years later, my Dad has terminal cancer. I'm trying to restore his C-Line back to original working order.....I know I'm misguided, but somehow I feel that if I can get them working again then my Dad will be 20 years younger, sitting next to me as we nervously fired up those rigs for the first time. Real radios glow blue at night.

    I echo your experiences with the TR7A, as well. I had a chance to use a Yaesu FT767Gx and a TR7A over two days of a contest weekend recently. I never had much respect for the TR7A previously, since the Yaesu had lots more knobs and a slicker package...what a wonderful receiver that TR7A had! It was sooooo smooth and quiet compared to that grainy intermodladen Yaesu! The only problem that I'll have to look into is that the unit shuts down when keyed at full power. Had to power cycle unit and run it at about 125 watts output to prevent this. I'll have to dig out the power supply schematic and see if there is a current sensor shutdown protection circuit. Any tips appreciated....

    I found a box with four untouched Sherwood Engineering kits in it...your comments would be appreciated on these if you know anything about them:

    Just a few points that might be worth including in your next version:

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!


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