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Drake Mods - Early/Late TR4

Authored by VE3EFJ


    I copied this from the Drake list server in early April. Consider the following quoted text. I left Tom's name in here simply because he should get credit for it and the message was sent publicly.

    I have two different TR-4's. These are plain TR-4's; not TR-4C's or later models. I was surprised to find a number of differences in these two radios. The early TR-4 has many characteristics of the TR-3, while the later TR-4 shares features with the TR-4C.

    By comparing your TR-4's serial number with mine and your radio's features with the list below, we might be able to figure out when each feature was introduced in the TR-4.

    The serial number of my early TR-4 is 1965. I noticed that the rear view picture of the radio in the TR-4 manual (Fig. 7, p. 17), shows a TR-4 with a serial number of 16050. My early TR-4 has these characteristics that differentiate it from the later TR-4:

    The serial number of my later TR-4 is 31985. It has these differentiating characteristics from its younger sibling:

    I'm sure there are other differences.

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