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Enthusiasts interested in discussing Drake radios, needing help with problems or looking for parts sources are invited to join the 40 Meter Drake Technical Net on Sunday at 1600 Eastern Time.   The Drake net meets on 7.238 mhz and generally runs for 60 to 90 minutes.

Several noted Drake technical experts including WA8SAJ, WB4HFN & W8PU are usually present and willing to assist other enthusiasts on both solid state and tube type Drake products and the Net Control Stations,WB4HFN, W9DCQ, K9SQG, W4WTO, and WB0IQK , are available for questions on TR-7 and TR-5 radios as well.

The net is a directed net. After technical and parts issues are discussed, a comment period follows.

When checkins are light, the net sometimes becomes a round table affair but it is always friendly and never "stuffy".

Please join us . You need not check in using a Drake radio. Only an interest in the product is required and a willingness to share your interest with others.

There is also The Drake Swap Net It meets on Tuesdays, 3.865 mhz at 8 PM Eastern.

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