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The DrakeList Miailing List Home Page
Specializing in Drake Amateur Radio Equipment - The source for modifications, vendors and links. Home for The Drake Mailing List
http://www.zerobeat.net/drakelist/ - 754 hits - 29-November-2005

Boat Anchors, Drakes, Collins, Heathkit
http://www.af2cw.com/boatanchors/boatanchors.html - 773 hits - 22-March-2006

SM6RPZ Drake page
Information about Drake related equipment i own and have owned.
http://www.homer.se/radio/drake.php - 916 hits - 13-December-2005

The Complete R.L. DRAKE HAM catalogue. Marine and OEM production. Army production, prototypes, Manuals, schematics and more
http://www.dproducts.be/drake_museum/ - 1230 hits - 6-June-2006

Personal web site for N4ARI and KG4KAW in Williamsburg, VA. See new and old (vintage) radio gear. Learn about ham radio.
http://www.n4ari.com - 782 hits - 30-November-2005

W8PU Amateur Radio Site
Gary W8PU's home page with pages dedicated to ham radio equipment made by the R L Drake Company
http://home.cinci.rr.com/w8pu - 889 hits - 30-November-2005

The KG2HG Web Site
Site contains areas such as, getting started in amateur radio, boat anchors, DX, logging programs.
http://www.kg2hg.com/boatanchors/boatanchors.html - 754 hits - 1-December-2005

PACMU Amateur Radio
TR7 experiences by PATRT and PACMU. (RF preamp, audio response, PTO stabilizer, upgrading product detector, multi turn trimmers for PBT controls, Audio LPF and more)
http://members.ziggo.nl/cmulder/drake.htm - 755 hits - 3-December-2005

WB4HFN Web Site
Vast library of Drake information including manuals, brochures, pictures, user articles, service bulletins, and user shack pictures.
http://www.wb4hfn.com - 802 hits - 8-December-2005

My Drake radios, pictures and schematics. Page will be updated soon with alot more info.
http://www.gravitywell.org/station/drake.htm - 787 hits - 3-December-2005
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