The antenna above has been described by Nadisha, 4S7NR and may be of interest to anyone wishing to get on 80M (3.5MHz) that have limited space available.

L1 is 12 feet. L2 also is 12 feet and the overall length is 48 feet.

The two loading coils are described as 67.83uH and can consist of 104 turns of insulated wire, wound over 3.5 inches. The coil diameter is not stated however. Maybe it will be a case for experimentation here.

I have a file, a dipole for 20M (Click to view) which also is a loaded dipole and works well.

It would be interesting to try loaded dipoles for other bands. I will have a try at one for 40M soon.

if you have any ideas on such dipoles or experiences with them, let me know.

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