Hello All....

I have written a program to control the Icom IC-706, the program is free and
has an on disk manual. The Disk also comes with info on a thrifty (cheap)
Interface. The Software should work on any IBM compatable computer, it has
been tested on:- Amstrad PPC512, IBM luggable, and an i486-DX4. It will work on
mono monitors but the greys are a little difficult to distinguish, and will
only work from COM 2. It will work with the Icom CT-17 CI-V Interface but if
you don't have one read the on disk manual before you purchase one, Sorry but
as I only speak English this is the only language available.

The Software features unlimited memories, create your own memory banks and
load them at the click of your mouse button, you can load as many as 99
frequencies of your own choice such as rtty, cw, amtor, etc etc you can change
memories by clicking your mouse, change mode, freqency, band all by clicking
your mouse button along with many more features.

If you would like a copy please send me:-

     1.)  A Clean formatted 3.5 floppy disk
     2.)  A Stamped addressed envelope (Large enough to take the floppy disk!)
     3.)  And return postage or 2 IRC's for Europe

Failure to send all three of the above will result in the disk not being
returned I have enough floppy disk at the moment so please ensure you have
sent all 3 items "Thanks".

For further info contact Ian (G1NOO) on......
        Packet..............G1NOO @ GB7HXA (Huntingdon)
        Voice...............GB3OV (Output 433.125) & SU18

73's De Ian G1NOO
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