VK6FKB's DSB Project

I have omitted the transmit relay changeover details and the necessary LPF after the final transmitter stage. In May next year I finish my Master of Business Administration and fully intend getting back on air with this homebrew rig. This is the third version of this transceiver built solely with junk box parts. ie if I didn't have it on hand I didn't use it.

By this time next year the 4th version should have materialised marking the end of this project. The electrical details should be largely unchanged from this version, apart from transmit chain. By then it should be in a box that I can get the lid on :-), with an inbuilt battery for portable operation.

Construction tip: I started of with PCB's, but found I spent more time drafting track layouts and drilling holes than building. Nowdays I intend to stick to ugly wiring. This version had a PCB for the receiver and VFO, ugly style for the transmitter.

The next version will be built on a double sided blank piece of circuit board. one side for the transmitter, LPF and T/R relay, the other for the receiver and VFO.I'll re-use the small CB case this model is in and move onto something else. eg a 40m SSB version.

73's, Richard

Thanks to Richard, VK6FKB for the details of his rig.

Frank G3YCC

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