GW0TQM's Mag Loop page

PA3HBB's site - Magnetic loops and more!

End feds, doublets etc - nice reading

End fed antenna ideas

Nice antenna designs for HF and VHF (PA3HBB)

A Short dipole for 80M

CT1ETT's keys, mag loop and rigs

Excellent site for antennas!

A Simple LED SWR Bridge

The Cobwebb HF Antenna

The Random Wire Vertical

Notes on the Random Wire Vertical

A Light Duty Mast

A Mini ATU

The OHR WM2 Wattmeter

The Broken Quad

Groundplanes by G3PTO

SM0VPO's Mini HF Vertical

N3GO's J-pole

A Multiband loop

How to make mobile/portable whips

A Resistive SWR Bridge for QRP Use

The Cross Field Antenna

The Lattin 5 Band Antenna

A practical 160m antenna

The Square Pole

Try an Inverted-L

The G5RV multiband HF Antenna

More on The G5RV multiband HF Antenna (incl. 160m)

The W3EDP HF antenna

The 'Shorty' mini-dipole for 14mHz

Another Antenna Idea (A 3-band dipole)

A Shortened 7mHz Dipole

Modified Z Match ATU

A Single Coil Z-Match ATU

An Antenna idea for the Smaller Garden

A Magnetic Loop

The Rockloop Compact HF Antenna

An Antenna for Portable Use

The Autek Antenna Analyzer

The MFJ259 Antenna Analyzer

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Another great site for antennas!
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