From: iapizloj@bicc00.bi.ehu.es (Jon Iza)

As IARU Region I has different band edges I have had to change those on my Cascade. We do not have a 75 phone band, just plain 80 meters, and phone goes from 3600 to 3800 kHz.

VFO thus has to go from 5.200 to 5.400 MHz.

How to do that?

1. On 75 M module cut trace between pin 23 and pin 25.

2. Add wire jumper on 20 M module, same positions.

3. Tweak the VFO so it goes without a module on J4 from 5.200 up.

4. Insert 20M module and adjust C34 to get the VFO down to 5.150 MHz. and, voila! 3.600-3.800 and 14.150-14.350.

Now I only need to iron out the mismatch between silkscreen and list part for L1 and T1 on the 20 M module (22 turns?, 31 turns?)

Jon, EA2SN

My thanks to Jon for sending me this and allowing me to use it on my site

Frank, G3YCC

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