Mods for the Cascade Rig

Modification of the NORCAL Cascade to region 1

Change all xtals in the circuit to 8.89(...) Mc/s.

First one will have to modify the VFO. This is done quiet easily by replacing C21 (82pF) with 68pf and 6.8pF in parallel. These two capacitors must be NP0, otherwise the VFO would not be stable enough.

A modification of band-modules is not neccessary after the change of VFO-frequency.

Readjusted range should be 5.21 to 5.4x Mc/s for 20m and 5.0x (4.9x) to 5.29 Mc/s for 80m.

I obtained a QRG-range of 3.59 to 3.8 and 14.1 to 14.335 Mc/s with this simple mod.

I hope this could help all 'region 1 Cascade builders' to adapt this nice rig to their needs.

Best 72

Joachim DL1GSJ

My thanks to Joachim for the above notes.

Frank G3YCC

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