The real meaning of QRP(?!?)

Here are a few 'definitions' of QRP, tongue in cheek (I Hope!)

Qualified righteous perfectionists (W4RNL)

Questionable radio personality (ukii)

Quite respectful people (KJ7UN)

Quality radio procedures (G0JJQ)

Queer radio people (WA8MCQ)

QSO's really plentiful (WB6TNC)

Quintesential radio people (")

Quite rightly perfect (")

Quaff a robust Pilsner (") after a hard day's antenna work!

Quietly radiating photons (N4XY)

Quick response personel (AB4BE)

Quintesential redoubtable people (N3UVR)

Quit running power (W9PWP)

Quiet radio power (WB9LKC)

QSOs rarely possible (G0BPS)

Queer radio people (G3YCC's XYL!)

Quality radio person/practice (WA6BOY)

Quality replaces power (DA2TF)

How's about this for a work of art:

"Q"uality "R"equires "P"ractice, and those who refine their skills at very low power levels discover that "Q"SO's "R"equire "P"atience when they throttle back to "Q"uint "R"ate "P"ower levels and below. Once hooked however; they not only "Q"uit "R"unning "P"ower levels in excess of 5 watts, but many "Q"uietly "R"educe "P"ower well into the milliwatt region.

Although perceived as "Q"uintessential "R"adio "P"ersonalities by some, we are nonetheless a "Q"uiet "R"eserved "P"eople who are "Q"uite "R"ealistic "P"ractitioners of our craft. We are simply dedicated to the task of "Q"uantifying "R"adio "P"erformance at its limits.

To the world we are amateurs. Among our peers, we are "Q"uality "R"adio "P"rofessionals in a "Q"uasi "R"adio "P"aradise where the boundaries of performance are limitless.

A "Q"uaint "R"ationalizing "P"hilosophy? Perhaps... but it works for us.


And this offering from G4KZO:

quiet radio professionals (?) [in my dreams]

quiet radio perfectionists [sure .....]

quasi-random perpetrators (if you've heard my code you'll recognise this)

quarter-range power

quiet, restrained power

quiet, restrained perfection (?)

quit radiating powerfully

qualified (to) radiate purposefully

Now another, which I am not so sure about! This from N2SMH:

How about Questionable Radio Policy?

Thanks to all who sent me the above! A bit of light entertainment, I hope you agree.

Frank, G3YCC

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