After a Qth change last year, I was fortunate to get permission for an outside antenna. The new antenna was built with the following considerations in mind.

At least 10 - 20m coverage

Open wire feed to simplify matching the various impedances

Loop design, because it is less sensitive to nearby objects and it requires less real estate, considering the length of the antenna.

Broadside radiation on all bands as the antenna is running N/S and I wanted most of the power into E/W direction.

While studying "Cubical Quad Antennas" by Orr/W6SAI & Cowan/W2LX, I notices the mini-X-Q (eXtended Quad) which is basically a 3/2 wave open loop with 3 db gain. Because of limited space and height 928ft), I have built the 10m mini-X-Q and modified it into a delta.

The next step was to convert it into a multiband antenna, giving comparable results to a mono-band loop or dipole. At the open end of the loop a 1/4 wave shorted stub for 28Mhz was added. The stub and the feed line is made of 450 ohm ladder line. The stub opens the loop on 28Mhz, on all other frequencies the antenna is working as a closed loop.

The antenna has been in use for a few weeks now and produced solid signals within Europe, nevertheless DX has also been worked e.g 20m with Dave FY/DJ0PJ as one of the first QSOs, 2 way QRP of course. I have also used the antenna on 30m and 40m to contact other Euopean stations.

72/3 Bert DL2HCB

My thanks to Bert for the above article.

Frank, G3YCC

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