The Alinco DX-70 can be configured as follows:  

Extended TX, open the RX up to 35Mhz and down to 30 Khz, Open the VHF 
side from 45-60 Mhz RX/TX.  All can be done quickly by , by removing or 
changing a series of chip-resistors located in the detatchable front face 
panel.  This mod is a little tricky to perform, since it uses surface 
Alinco, further, in their mod sheet, warns that performing this mod 
incorrectly will NOT BE COVERED via warranty.   At first, I tried using a 
Salami sized soldering iron--- take my word, get a good, very fine point 
iron of about 15 or 20 watts max!  Make sure it is static guarded too.

Ok...Here we go.

1.  disconnect power
2.  disconnect antenna
3.  remove control head, disconnect control cable
4.  remove 4 screws on back of control head, 
5   remove (unsnap is more like it) the control head back panel.
6.  THE MOD:

Once you have the back panel removed, and using the big VFO knob as
your guide (circuit board facing you, LCD display not facing you).  The 
VFO knob should be on the left side.  On the right side, in the lower
right hand corner, you should see 2 distinct columns of chip resistors.
On the board, they are NOT labeled, but I will draw the diagram below
to help you.  You cant miss these because there are 5 chip resistors in
the left-hand row, and the right-hand row has 7 chip resistors.  Above 
both rows is a solder-pad.

a(::) h(::) 
 b -   j- 
 c -   k- 
 d -   l- 
 e -   m- 
 f -   n-

Several chip resistors will be soldered in, depending on the model
of your rig, and a solder pad is jumpered.   Here are the mods per 

a.  45-60 Mhz TX/RX  -  solder a 0ohm or jumper across location i
b   HF RX down to 30 Khz  - remove the jumper m
c.  beyond just Mars Mod - TX/RX everywhere remove both jumpers c and e
d.  HF RX up to 35 MHZ - solder a bridge across pad a

After performing the above mods, reassemble the unit.

7.  DONT FORGET  to reset the microprocessor (with the radio off, hold   
    the F button and simultaneously turn the power on.
    All memories are wiped out, but the new bands are opened.

I've tried all mods with my Alinco rig and can confirm they work. I am 
able to pick up business band communication in the 46 Mhz range (FM), and 
cordless phones in 46/49 range. It TX's everywhere now too.

I do not take responsibility if you perform this mod incorrectly, and I 
am not responsible for your operation practice if you choose to illegally 
transmit out of band.

 mod" d "  on mine the rx goes out of lock 34.640mhz 

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