OK, Here I am!

G3YCC Revealed!

First licensed in 1969, my main interests in amateur radio have always been construction, QRP (low power) and aerial experimenting.

Other interests apart from radio include football, computing , photography (Nikon gear), music and I have delved into tracing my family history. Oh yes, I also enjoy family life - better say that!

I have written several articles in the amateur radio press, medical journals and even wrote two pantomimes for the local Church wives' group!

I retired from working in local Pathology Labs some 6 years ago, working mainly in Microbiology and Histopathology.

My location is Kirk Ella, near the city of Kingston-upon-Hull in East Yorkshire, where I live with Margaret, my ever patient and understanding wife. Putting up with me, or the absence of me ... in the shack and my wires strung round the garden!

I have always been interested in music, from Chopin to Brubeck and have played the piano, clarinet, alto saxophone and double bass in my time, but currently we both enjoy playing a Roland keyboard. I remember seeing Louis Armstong, the Modern Jazz Quartet, Ella Fitzgerald and Oscar Peterson in concert whilst in the Army doing National Service in Germany.

Football has always been my sport and played for a team I organised, to represent the hospital where I worked (probably my only way to get picked...) - breaking my leg in the process. I now support my local non-league team, North Ferriby Utd. I used to run a boys' team when my son Andrew was young. I take the photographs for the match programme at North Ferriby United and currently use video to capture action shots which can be transferred to my PC for processing using the Motion Picture hardware and software. The PC has seen many changes and is now a Pentium 130 mHz, 16 mb ram and 420 mb HDD with a Canon BJC4100 colour printer.

I have often taken a rig on holiday and operated from Canada, Australia and Tenerife. I used an MFJ 9420, a small SSB rig for the EA8 trip and also use it /M with a home made whip - good fun!

My rigs are many and varied, from the multitude of home brew equipment, mainly for CW, my main mode, but also for SSB. I have tried most modes, including CW, SSB, FM, AM, Amtor, RTTY, SSTV, FAX etc., but always return to the key. My main rig now is the Ten Tec Argonaut 515. I had one years ago and regret having parted with it! I have no high power equipment in the shack now. Also have a Mizuho 20m hand held which is ideal for holiday use and am taking it to Australia in 1997, when I will be VK5GCC once again, from the Adelaide area.

I do use packet radio (G3YCC@GB7HUL.#15.GBR.EU) on 2 metres. Our local club FM net is also on that band.

My favourite bands are 80 and 20 metres, CW mainly, but SSB occasionally (when I can find a microphone!).

I belong to the RSGB, ARCI, G QRP Club (membership number 042), and have been chairman of our local club, the North Ferriby A.R.S.

Do let me know when you have visited my pages, it would be nice to hear from you.

72/73 Frank G3YCC

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