The first GQ2000 on the air!

Here is a picture of my GQ2000 rig, which is a 9 band CW QRP rig, with DDS VFO.

I have built in a Kirsta keyer (from Sprat) and added an extra RF amplifier to 'assist' for the higher bands.

Below the rig is an Z match ATU and PSU in a matching case.

The GQ2000 is built from Hands Kits, available in UK and through Kanga (USA) in the states.

It has full break-in, variable power output, memories, digital readout, keypad entry of frequency, scanning etc etc and is an excellent rig, better than most if not all low power rigs on the market.

Being modular, you can start with a basic rig say two bands and add others as you like.

The DDS VFO is the ultimate in versatility and is rock stable.

Highly recommended!

Frank, G3YCC

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