KO6GF's Rigs

DL1GSJ's Cascade Transceiver

See G4EDX's version of the Norcal 40 - Great!

Rigs made by KD7S

Link to the Tuna Tin 2

KG5N's Norcal Sierra

N2CQR Pictures and history

SM5CBC's Portable Rig

SM5CBC's LDG Auto-tuner

Norcal 40a Rig

SM5CBC's Sierra


The GQ2000 HF rig

SM6LKM's DSB TX (info and zipped file with PCB layout etc)

The Malta 40 on 20

K2JHU's Mini ATU

G0DJA's Homebrew Projects (beacon, keyer 73khz gear etc)

CT1ETT's Coker transceiver and a dummy load

KB5OB's 49-er

WB7EEL's Homebrew

VE3DNL's 30m Transmitter, circuit.

KJ5VW's 49-er

WD0AKZ's 49-er

GW0TQM's Lake DTR74

VK6FKB's 80m DSB Project circuits

KH6CP/1's 10 Ghz Transverter

JA9MAT's Homebrew Keys

JA9MAT's Rigs

Have you made something, a kit, item of test gear etc? Let me know and I will add it here. Newcomers appreciate such information especially, so please let me know what you can send - pictures especially.

Frank, G3YCC

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