JA9MAT's Homebrew


JA9MAT, Hidehiko Komachi, GQRP 9128, sent me three pictures of some of his fine homebrew equipment.

First there is a picture of a regenerative receiver using two 6U8 valves, which covers 80 metres to 10 with plug-in coils.

Below that is another regen set using a 12BA6 valve and an LM386 audio amp! The valve runs with 12 volts on the anode and anode current is about 1ma. He reports that stability is good and using this Rx and a one watter on 7mHz, Hide worked W6, W0, VK2 and KH6! He states he loves QRPing, which shows with his constructional work.

The lower picture is Hide's SW40 from Small Wonder Labs, a well known 40 metre transceiver.

Thanks goes to Hide JA9MAT for letting us share his pictures of his neat rigs.

Frank G3YCC

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