K7GT Goes 'Afield'

The pix was taken Sep 19, 1998 in Yosemite National Park near Harden Lake. The elevation was 7650 ft and the site had a wonderful overlook of the Tuolumne River canyon with a nice path to EU. We worked lots of fun stuff the 18th into the night and then right up to the QRP Afield contest. As it turned out, we burned up the batteries and only were able to operate in the contest for about an hour. Terry, N6RY, and Grant, K7GT, took turns on the two rigs and antennas: MFJ 9020 and NorCal 40A.

The picture is Grant K7GT with the NorCal 40A, homebrew plexiglas and copper strip paddle, 8 AA cell battery pack, and logbook. The wonderful chair is solid Yosemite granite, courtesy of the Sierra Nevada mountain complex. The antenna was a dipole at 30 ft in some noble fir trees. The 40A has a KC1 keyer/counter in it and worked well. The MFJ9020 rig has been sold since that event in anticipation of a NorCal 20 being added to the rig stable.

Look for us from the back side of Half Dome in summer 1999... K7GT, AB7TT(maybe) and possibly a few more intrepid lightning dodgers.

A.G.Taylor K7GT

Thanks to K7GT for letting me use the photographs.

Frank G3YCC

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