KE2UK's Shack

I'm Ron, KE2UK in North Bellmore, NY. Been a ham for 30 years. Been QRP'ing for about a year.

For QRP work I use MFJ 9020 to a 3 element monoband 20 meter beam up 25 feet.

I'm active in all facets of the hobby including all digital modes, ATV, SSTV, Satellites, & more I can't even remember.

Rigs include Kenwoods 940S & 440SAT + tm241A, tr7800, Yaesus: 736R 230R; Drake TR4C & 2B RX; ATV: PC Electronics TC70; 3 computer systems: IBM XT compatible, 386 compatible & Micron Pentium 133 Laptop.

Former Callsigns: WN2COL, WA2COL, WB2IIK, KC3QN.

73, Ron


NOW! What about a picture of your shack - please contact me if you would like me to add it here. Just email me a .GIF or .JPG file or post me a print and I'll do the rest (am QTHR).

Frank, G3YCC

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