10 Ghz Transverter by Zack, KH6CP/1

My latest project is a 2.9 watt 10 GHz transverter with a 1.0 dB system noise figure.

The receiver features a NE32984/ATF13135/13735 preamp, followed by a low loss waveguide (0.5 dB) filter and hybrid ring mixer.

The transmitter uses a slightly lossier filter (1 dB) to achieve -50 dBc spurious supression. The transistor lineup for the amplifiers is 2x MGF1302/HMF3101/K25/K30/Fujitsu 1213-4C.

Needless to say, I'm losing a bit in the SMA relay and connectors, even though I sorted through a whole bunch of relays looking for the best one.

Draws a max of 2 amps and weighs 1.2kg--low enough for serious backpacking work. Features include a power output monitor, hard keying or manual override, and several layers of reverse polarity protection (though this hasn't been thoroughly tested, yet)

Thanks to Zack for the above information, which proves that not all these pages are solely HF!

Frank, G3YCC

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