Frank, G3YCC

The top picture shows one of the paddles, made from a zinc plated mending strip, which comes already drilled with holes in the appropriate positions!

A piece of brass tubing is epoxied to the strip to act as a pivot. Ensure this makes good electrical contact with the strip. I used a solder tag for this, as shown. The finger plates came from cocktail stirrers!

A support is supplied for the paddles 'at rest' using an old screw terminal and a spring from a pen is used for the paddle action. The tension can be adjusted by two bolts.

Cost of the iambic paddle is virtually nil and it performs very well. Why spend good money on an expensive unit?

The lower picture shows the completed keyer. The box houses a K1EL electronic keyer (excellent little circuit!) and is self powered of can be used with an external supply.

If you have made an iambic paddle, why not let me see a picture of it. It might be better than mine...!

Frank, G3YCC

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