My wife bought a poetry book today and flicking idly through it, I had an idea of 'adapting' a poem to what I will call QRPoetry! Here is my first effort!


I must go down to the bands again, to the signals up in the sky,
And all I ask is a tall beam and a rotator to steer her by,
And the key clicks and the QSB while the bands are awakening
And a contest on a weekend to try my hand at break-in.

I must go down to the bands again, for the call of the QRP,
It's a nice call and a clear call that's music to all like me,
And all I ask is a good report from my little one watt gear,
I don't care if it's good DX or a bloke who's really quite near.

I must down to the bands again, to 40 metres or twenty,
to where I know there always low power sigs a-plenty,
all I ask is a merry yarn from some QRP fanatic,
with simple rigs and antennae, QRP is real fantastic!

Well, I tried - anyone else like to submit something?

The boy sat by the red-hot key,
His hand was covered with blisters.
He'd had too much of QRP
And wanted to borrow his sister's
(QRO rig with a 5 element beam).

73 de G3MOJ (7069)

This was found on uk.radio.amateur!

ODE TO MORSE: (After William Shakespeare's Omlette)

To key or not to key?
That is the question:
Whether it be mightier to speak the word or pound the brass.
Morse is is mightiest in the QRM.
Morse is twice heard; it is heard by he who hears
and he who sends.
It giveth great joy.
It saveth ships on sea and men on land.
It is not the hardest to learneth morse;
It is but a few hours practise
And when all the hard work is done and test is passed,
And we receive our G4plus at at last,
What do we then?
That, we may well ask!
We plug in our key and to the world pound out: "CQ, CQ, CQ...."  

"CK's Ode To Dah Code" by Gary Spence VA2CK

            We' ve all heard the cry "abandon the code!,
            it's useless outdated, NOT a mod-er-n mode!"
            So I said to myself,"could codes' day really be over?
            Best left for SKs' fer-til-iz-n' the clover?"

            So off went my paddle 'n keyer to a museum,
            so  those curious of our "past" could drop in an' see um.
            I then bought a computer and a box I was told...
            would update my station,using all hi-tech modes.

            It then was set up,all by my own hand...
            the screen it lit up et voilą Heard Is-land!
            I switched to transmit to" talk with this gent"
            but my screen read "sorry, can't copy 100%!"

            "There's static,interference if you could hear it you'd
            if it ain't armchair copy we machines cry c'est la vie!"
            It then said "there is as YOU know a way to get through,
            it's called the code,and what luck for you!"

            "You've learned this art,you "stuck it out"
            'tis a valuable tool,there isn't a doubt."
            "You' ve invested your time,and besides the code you did
            possession of valuable skills must be... EARNED!"

            So I say to you now don't get fooled when some say...
            "Codes an' old dinosaur fadin' away!"
            It's part of our past,present and future existence...
            anti-coders prepare for "beaucoup de resistence"

Frank G3YCC

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