Commonly used commercial rigs

1 Index Labs QRP Plus


The QRP Plus is made in the USA by Index labs and is imported into the UK by Waters & Stanton (22, Main Road, Hockley, Essex SS5 4QS).

Compact in size, it measures a mere 5.5inches wide, 4 inches high and 6 inches deep and is designed for SSB and CW transmission. It has low battery drainage, typically 140mA on receive. The receiver is general coverage, but AM is not included (may be in later versions). Power output is 5 watts on SSB and CW. The tuning rate is varied by front panel controls, giving 4kHz down to 100kHz per revolution of the large tuning knob. A built in keyer provides full break in CW capability. There are 20 memories availlable.

The display is a large LCD screen, which in addition to showing the frequency of operation, it also shows the receiver bandwidth. This is variable from 2.4khz to 100Hz using a SCAF filter. a switch provides RIT, split frequency or normal 'simplex' operation. Using an IF of 50Mhz, a six-pole 2.4kHz crystal filter is employed, which, in addition to the SCAF digital audio filter, provides exceptional reception capabilities.

The transceiver appears to prefer particular microphones for satisfactory results and is designed with speaker microphones in mind, but satisfactory results have been obtained using an electret type. Index Labs sell a matching microphone, but this is not included as standard.

The rig has made a big impact on the QRP fraternity and has appears to be an ideal companion for /P operation.

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