The Annual Rochdale G QRP Mini Convention

The convention takes place each October at the St. Aidan's Church, Manchester Road, Rochdale, near the QTH of the founder of the Club, Rev. George Dobbs, G3RJV.

This is no ordinary rally in the accepted sense of the word. The modern day rally in the UK is often little more than a car boot sale with a talk in station. No, this is different. Yes, there are a few trade stands, but ALL devoted to QRP. You want see an array of bright new shiny, all singing and all dancing rigs here! What you will see for sale is everything, and I mean everything, that the QRP enthusiast could ever want. There is a bring and buy stall, usually with rigs and equipment to tempt the QRP palette, books, crystals etc.

One of the very popular features of the day, is the meeting area, where you have the chance to sit and chat with fellow QRPers and compare notes, have a cuppa, and even meet those you have worked many times on the bands and never seen before!

It is said that some folk only go for the excellent 'pie and peas' lunch, served as are other refreshments during the day by the ladies, including George's XYL of course!

Another feature distinctive to the mini-convention (it had to be a mini one, being all about QRP!), is the lecture programme, when experts decribe their particular interest, project and so on - held in the pretty little Church itself! During the lunch hour, one can get some quiet relief from the meeting, by sitting and listening to some soothing organ music in the Church too.

There is always a display of homebrew rigs on show and a chance to discuss them with their owners.Gus, G8PG is always on hand and ready to discuss aerial projects and problems you may wish to mention.

All in all this is a great day for anyone interested in QRP and home construction - folk come from far and wide, OK land, USA etc, even Yorkshire.

The date is usually the second Saturday in October, watch this space before booking your holidays!

check out the G QRP site for the latest date

Hope to see you there next October!

72 Frank G3YCC

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