VE2SKA's UK Visit

This is my tale of backpacking. Last January I was in London and had originally planned to use my ft530 while vacationing and making the required visit to Martin Lynch and son. At the last minute I grabbed my Oakhills research 30meter rig, dipole with balun, MFJ 949E tuner, Tick Keyer, Bencher Paddles and battery. I was in the UK over a weekend so on a Sunday afternoon I went to the park across from the Marble Arch underground station. I found a nice tree, tossed the antenna over a tall branch, sat down on the VERY COLD grass, and set up. I worked Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Italy and several stations from the UK. I also did a bit of Ham Radio and QRP public relations. (many people stopped to look and ask questions) This was an excellent learning experience and lots of fun! Since then, I've polished my skills with a straight key, found one that has a leg clamp, saving the weight of the keyer and the paddle. I found a used MFJ mobile tuner (also much smaller) and am in the process of acquiring a 20 meter qrp rig (probably another OHR) which will require less antenna wire. I now have a compact, quick to set up and fun to use portable qrp station. Hopefully the next time I am in the UK it will be during the summer! Happy Holidays to All Steve VE2SKA, KB2SPH, M0/VE2SKA

Thanks Steve for the tale!

Frank G3YCC

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