Rigs made by QRPers world wide

WB7EEL's Homebrew

The WB7EEL homebuilt rig collection (some of which actually work).

A - A W7EL Ugly Weekender / Ugly Receiver combination, in three boxes; VFO between the two halves. Unfortunately, it shorted out the first time I tried it, and I haven't had a chance to fix it.

B - A 2 board 40m rig of unknown parentage. Some early Norcal effort? I can't read the markings under the board.

C - A VXO-controlled 18MHz transmitter from the ARRL Handbook. I have four crystals to plug in the socket in the front to cover the CW portion of 17m. Not a true QRP rig, though, as it runs about 10W output.

D - The 10MHz/18MHz band-imaging receiver from the ARRL Handbook. Makes a nice companion to the 18MHz transmitter, as well as the 10MHz transmitter which I couldn't find for this photo...

E - A 10MHz receiver from a Small Parts Center kit (before they retired)

F - Norcal Sierra with 10MHz band module installed (and sitting on the top half of its case)

G - A QRP Sprint direct conversion 40m transceiver

H - A colorburst rig, dead bug construction in an Altoids box (I). There were, however, no dead bugs in the Altoids candies. It does need debugging, though as it doesn't quite work.

J - Norcal Pixie being built into a case from Radio Shack so I could have enough room for a battery. Not finished.

K - QRP-NE 40/40.

L - My straight key. Why use 10 whole microamps on a keyer when you can 0?

Thanks to John, WB7EEL for letting us into his shack to view his projects. - Frank, G3YCC.
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