Un-Backwards Your Keyer Paddles

By Jackie W.Russell
AC4EH - Blue Ridge, VA

Hold a DPDT switch so you are looking at the bottom. There should be 6 contacts in two vertical rows of 3 side by side.

          1        2
          3        4
          5        6

Solder a short piece of wire from 1 to 6 and another one from 2 to 5 this will form an X. Now solder the dit wire from your input jack (from the paddles) to 3 and the dah wire to 4. Solder a wire from 1 to the dit input to your keyer and a wire from 2 to the dah input to your keyer. The ground is handled normally, no switching needed.

Paddle Reverse Switch

If you reverse the 1 or 2 to the keyer it doesn't matter.

If you reverse the 3 or 4 to the input (from the paddles) it doesn't matter

I had my Bencher paddle base bored so it would accept a subminature switch and I can change the sensing of the paddles whether I use an exterior keyer or one built into a rig.

The setup above will allow you to switch the paddle sensing so that the Dit or Dah can be assigned to either paddle. This switch can be attached to your paddles so that it will work with a separate keyer or a keyer built into a rig.

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