QRP Retro Mods

By Thom LaCosta K3HRN

     It would appear from posting in some mailing lists that some QRP operators sorely miss "The Good Old Days". The list below is a representation of some of the things that operators, tongue in cheek, miss in their new rigs:

  • Kwm2 mode - Submitted by david wa4pqd/6
    • This would make the K2 light up inside like a pair of 6146's.
    • Grid and plate current and maybe B+ indicators
  • Submitted by Ron D'Eau Claire AC7AC
    • 'Chirp' setting on the menus, so we could have a presettable amount of chirp each time the key is pressed from zero to, say 200 Hz?
    • Key click generator
    • Hum modulator with adjust
  • Drift Option - Submitted by Thom LaCosta K3HRN
    • Drift option...it should be adjustable, allowing you to turn on the rig, then get a cup of coffee, walk the dog, etc.
    • Perhaps a heat sensor to turn off the drift as you approach the rig.
  • EICO MODE - Submitted by Bob Lewis
    • "Eico" mode to remind me of the good ol days.
    • When in the "Eico" mode, the K2 would drift up and down the band :-)

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