Quiet Radio Power
From Steve, NU7T

  • Did you know a good QRP radio is actually a tape recorder ? This enables the operator to hold a qso.
  • Have you ever watched a QRP operator in action ? After each transmission he looks around the room to see if anyone heard him.
  • QRP clubs are gaining in popularity. Hams realize simultaneous transmission results in an audible signal.
  • Why do QRP operators, with an RST of 219, insist on telling you the details of their recent 2 month vacation ?
  • Did you notice QRP ops shout during an eyeball QSO ?
  • Old DX ops never die. They go QRP.
  • I listened to a QRP net last night and didn't hear a thing.
  • A QRO op gets by with a light bulb on a fence post. A QRP op needs stacked arrays.
  • How can you tell if a mobile station is QRP ? The cw is accompanied by hand signals.
  • Why does a QRP op leave his amp on ? To keep the coffee warm.
  • Why does a QRP op in North Dakota keep his amp on ? To sit on.
  • Why does a QRP op keep his amp on ? In case of an emergency situation.
  • I love QRP nets. It is always my turn.
  • Funny thing, my AF knob only works on .060.
  • How many QRP Ops can use the same frequency ? All of them, because they won 't interfere with each other.
  • The best use of the chat room is for QRP ops to hold a QSO while on the air.
  • Why doesn't the new Ten Tec rig have a frequency display ? Does it matter ?
  • QRP keys also serve as tie clasps.
  • Vic keeps his QRP rig in a cigarette pack so he won't sit on it.
  • Have you noticed QRP ops talk to themselves a lot ?
  • What does a QRP op gain from having an antenna ? Nothing, but the hardware store does.
  • Have you ever wondered why QRP rigs are so simple to use ?
  • Did you notice a QRP op makes as many contacts after his batteries die ?
  • Why are there no questions on FCC exams regarding QRP operation ? You can't improve a good joke.
  • How many QRP stations does it take to make a QSO from one state to another ? Sorry still counting relays.
  • One advantage of QRP is no RFI complaints from ops or neighbors.
  • If you make a mistake during assembly of a QRP kit, your number of contacts will not be affected.
  • I think I have finally made a QRP contact. The QRP rig was connected to my 11 element log periodic.

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