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You are a Redneck Ham Operator if...

  1. One leg of your dipole is tied to the outhouse.
  2. Needle nose pliers are needed to turn your transceiver on and off.
  3. You paid more for your mobile antenna than you did for your wife's wedding ring.
  4. You paused for ID every ten minutes while on your honeymoon.
  5. Your spouse says "Honey do you love me?" And your response is ROGER ROGER ROGER!
  6. Your trailer home is part of your antenna.
  7. Your mobile radio costs more than the vehicle it's mounted in.
  8. Your power supply consists of jumper cables hanging out the window of your shack attached to the battery of your truck.
  9. Your HF rig is the latest ICOM or KENWOOD and your Desk Mic came from Radio Shack.
  10. Your idea of RF is REAL FINE audio.
  11. Your homebrew amplifier resembles a moonshine whiskey still in Alabama.
  12. Your TV antenna and 10 Meter Beam are one in the same.
  13. You own a linear amplifier but not a lawn mower.
Thom LaCosta, K3HRN

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