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Authored by VE3EFJ


    This document is considered public domain and you are free to distribute this document in its entirety without alteration. No fees or payment is to be granted or collected in the distribution of this material. While reasonable effort has been made to ensure accuracy of data, the author assumes no liability or responsibility for the consequences of any action on the part of any reader through the use of this information.

    Enclosed are a number of mods available for various pieces of Drake equipment of the 4 series and later. Some of these changes I have personally implemented and some are collections from other sources. I've stayed on 'the straight and narrow' in providing nothing radical and kept the changes to the refinement level.

    What I've tried to do here is not only list the mods that I know of, but to share some of my experiences with the equipment. I've included some historical information and some thoughts on what the B and C series are about. A large part of the reason for this is that I've had to find this out myself - the hard way. A lot of the data is what I would of liked to have known before I started to acquire some of this gear. What surprised me most about this equipment is that there is almost no data external from Drake available. No mods - and I searched every where. No knowledge of what makes a particular example a good one.

    This is the sixth in the series and likely to be the last one for quite a while. Originally, I wanted to list items associated with Drake in general, but confined primarily to the B and C series receivers and transmitters. It obviously has grown well beyond that concept. I am not prepared to take this into the more obscure - the R7, TR5 and linear amplifier realm. These items are much less common and have their own cult following. Additionally, having never owned one of these devices I'm not going to detail changes that I'm unfamiliar with.

    I have two comments about DRAKEMOD. First - a thank you to all that have sent me E/Mail. It helps keep this going. Second - I look at the E/Mail going through the Drake User group - the questions that get asked - and I think "Hell - thats in Drakemod". It is sometimes discouraging.

    Such is life, I guess.

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