R.L. Drake Drake Mods - Notes Regarding V6

Authored by VE3EFJ


    Included in this version are some schematics and a simple drawing program, SKEM. SKEM is a DOS program and prints to an HP LASER printer only. I encourage you to support this simple and inexpensive program. Please distribute this version of Drakemod in its entirety.

    These are not all the 'mods' available - I know there are more out there. It would be a career to even attempt acquiring them all. I've also tried to avoid mentioning any changes that I have not had experience with or at least verified. For that reason, the information on the TR5, the linears and the R7 is going to remain 'light'. When I started this treatise I decided I would not distribute rumors or hearsay.

    I've also accomplished, I think, what I originally set out to do. Originally, I only wanted to cover 'the twins', but as the popularity of Drakemod and my inventory increased, additional information was added. With but few exceptions, I decided to keep any changes to those items I had personal involvement in.

    I received critique regarding organization of this material and how difficult it is to find specific items and the 'philosophy section'. Point noted. Yes, it is a work in progress. It is 'organized', though, in its own bizarre fashion. The general section is used to find 'common' items like PTOs, speakers, Drake service data, finals and such. There is a problem with association. If there is comment to be made regarding final tubes, where do I put it? Does it belong with the transceiver or the transmitter? What about the power supplies?

    While there is now an index, please do not rely upon it. If there is an area concerning, say, T/R relays in the TR4, don't assume that this may not be applicable to your T4B. If I say something about input capacitance of generic final tubes in the transmitter section, then *of course* it could apply to the transceivers.

    I've softened the tone of this release for a number of reasons. Foremost is this is how I wish DRAKEMOD and myself to be remembered. I've softened also over the last (almost) 2 years in that while I am still a proponent of Drake equipment, I am not a zealot. The world is big enough for everyone. There is a place for everything regardless of the country of origin. The marketplace holds the final vote that sometimes voices a very harsh and brutal verdict.

    Have I 'given up'? Oh no - not at all. At one point I had enough Drake gear to almost open a dealership. When I tripped over a T4XC downstairs and almost put my face into the concrete floor, I realized I had too much .... STUFF for someone that never said he was a collector.

    Here's DRAKEMD6. Enjoy.

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