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Comments in this section are generally common to all Drake 4 line equipment.

Swap Nets

Do not expect these nets to specialize entirely in Drake equipment. Some nets have specific rules regarding acceptable equipment to advertise. In general, no CB equipment unless modified to Amateur bands.

The times mentioned are local Toronto time.

How Drakes Age


All kidding aside, most Drake equipment will not self destruct un- less provoked. After all this time, just about any component that is going to fail, has. Here is a brief list of what is likely to happen with a Drake over time:

Not much, really. You can use this as a check list of what to look for or what to service when you buy your 'new' Drake. The first 8 items or so are operational and not cosmetic.

Equipment Maintenance

One of the tricks that I've learned regarding equipment in long term use is the value of a service log. It is never too late to start one, and it will prove invaluable to you. It likely will also assist in the sale of the equipment in the future, as it indicates to the potential buyer a dedicated owner and a radio with few potential surprises.

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