R.L. Drake

Drake Mods - Reciter

Authored by VE3EFJ

6.1.3 T4 Reciter

    This is a T4X with the PTO and crystal deck removed. It was intended to provide a transmit function in conjunction with the R4A and R4B receivers. The only other similar device that I know of is the Atlas 210 series. A similar series of devices was the Atlas RX-110 receiver and TX-110 transmitter. The TX-110 used the VFO signal of the receiver in a way similar to the Drake R4B/T4 Reciter combination.

    Obviously, the Reciter is duplicated whenever you slave a separate T4any completely to the receiver.

    I've never seen one. This is an item for the curious or the collector and may sell for either next to nothing or might demand a high price from its 'rare' nature. For the practical, and with the used Drake 4 line so readily available, it does not serve much of a purpose other than its novelty value. Any modifications or service notes that generally apply to the Drake T4 series transmitters would apply to this unit.

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