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Drake Mods -T4 Series Transmitters

Authored by VE3EFJ


    This transceiver is best described as a 'sleeper'. It is a 5 band SSB transceiver that predated the TR4, placing it in the mid 60's. Most of the units available are pretty weather beaten, but I have seen one or two that were in beautiful shape. All of them are relatively inexpensive. If you want a nice, inexpensive glassFET transceiver, a TR3 is hard to beat. They work as well as a TR4 and look very much like one. I doubt if you'd mistake the two, but if you did, little harm would be done. The TR3 has styling similar to a T4X, the precursor to the T4B.

    As is not unusual for the Drake transceivers, most of what is mentioned for the TR4 is applicable for the TR3.

    Make sure you get the manual with the radio!

    Basic differences to the TR4:

    If all you wanted was a TR4 to play retro radio with, a good clean TR3 would do almost as well and can be had for a song. Be careful in this area. Radios this old will suffer from use, and pay careful attention to the switches, controls and the operation of the two meters.

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